REVIEW: Emerald Valley Inn in Port Angeles (2024)

Searching for first-hand Emerald Valley Inn reviews before booking?

You’ve come to the right place! I stayed at the inn in early March after exploring Port Angeles. I chose this spot for quick and convenient access to hiking trails around Lake Crescent. 

In this review, I cover the pros and cons of this inn and what you can expect if you stay here.

By the end, you’ll know if this is the right place for you.

Overview: Emerald Valley Inn Port Angeles

Emerald Valley Inn is a quaint and peaceful retreat off Highway 101, surrounded by the region’s natural beauty. 

What makes it unique is its idyllic, farm-like setting, tastefully decorated, comfortable rooms, and Granny’s Cafe next door, a restaurant serving delicious American comfort food.

Accommodations include one 3-bedroom guesthouse, four individual rooms, two 2-bedroom suites, and tent sites.

Woman writing an Emerald Valley Inn review in a notebook, sitting on a bed in a cozy room
Me relaxing at Emerald Valley Inn.

The morning I checked out, as I loaded my car with my winter hiking gear, I saw a light dusting of snow upon the forest and misty clouds moving across the mountains. 

I turned around, and to my delight, I saw three chickens grazing the grounds. 

This charming moment captures what it feels like to stay here.

Pros & Cons


  • Location 
  • Strong WiFi (I watched a show on Max while there.)
  • Restaurant next door
  • Parking just outside your room
  • Convenient, contactless check-in
  • Modern door lock (no key required)
  • Bathtub for soaking after adventuring
  • Water tasted clean enough to drink from the tap
  • Refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker or kitchenette


  • 30-day Cancellation Policy (If you cancel in the 30-day window before your trip, you will still be charged the total cost of the booking.)
  • No TV (This is not a con for me, but worth mentioning!)
  • Next to a highway (I didn’t hear any road noise during my stay.)
  • Potholes on gravel driveway (These are not terrible.)
  • Slight damp smell in my room (Only noticeable upon walking in.)


The inn, conveniently located just off Highway 101, is only 18 minutes from downtown Port Angeles and a mere 5 minutes from East Beach at Lake Crescent.

I visited Lake Crescent twice during my stay. It felt so close!

Dusk falls over Lake Crescent, with snowy hills and clouded skies reflecting on tranquil waters.
East Beach at dusk

The greatest benefit of booking a stay here is its location. It’s a strategic home base that allows you to spend more time adventuring and less time driving.

After a day in Port Angeles exploring its beaches, getting here was just a short drive.

I dropped my bags off at the inn, eager to head to the Moments in Time Trail, where I marveled at the moss that glowed on the trees this time of year. Then, I went to East Beach, one of the best beaches in Port Angeles, to take in the marvelous moody light at dusk before returning to the inn.

The following morning, I headed out early to hike Mount Storm King.

Emerald Valley Inn in Port Angeles parking lot with cars and a snowy mountain backdrop on a cloudy morning.
The stillness of morning in early March at the inn

Drive time to get to nearby attractions:

  • 5 min to Elwha River
  • 5 min to East Beach (Lake Crescent)
  • 9 min to Madison Falls Trailhead
  • 7 min to Lake Crescent Welcome Sign
  • 11 min to Marymere Falls Trailhead
  • 12 min to Moments in Time Trailhead
  • 14 min to Spruce Railroad Trailhead 
  • 18 min to Downtown Port Angeles
  • 23 min to Salt Creek Recreation Area
  • 48 min to Sol Duc Falls Trailhead
  • 49 min to Hurricane Ridge


Emerald Valley Inn offers rooms, suites, tent sites, and a guesthouse.


I originally booked the Elwha Room, which features warm cedar walls. 

Shortly after booking, I was informed that the inn had double booked that room and was offered the Deer Lake Room instead, which was $10 cheaper. 

TIP: The two rooms are connected by a door, making them convenient for families or groups if the Appleton Pass Suite and the Flapjack Camp Suite are booked.

The Deer Lake Room is too lovely to be considered a consolation room. And it was spotless. The bedding, the bathroom, the floors – everything was immaculate.

Many Emerald Valley Inn reviews discuss the place's charm, and this hotel room scene with a neatly made bed, wall-mounted lamps, and framed botanical art shows why.
Deer Lake Room bed and decor

The queen bed was comfortable, and the inn provided ample blankets to keep me warm.

Earplugs are available on the bedside table. I heard no road noise, but I kept the windows shut while I was there. 

The lighting is warm, especially the lighting above the table. The two bedside lights and switches on each side are convenient. 

Lighting is such a big deal to me. It’s one of the first things I notice about any place I stay.

Cozy hotel room featuring a comfortable bed, kitchenette, and a large mirror reflecting the interior.
Deer Lake Room

Windows on two sides of the room allow natural light to filter in. 

The room’s small table with two chairs was perfect for me to set my laptop on and work on.

The bathroom was aesthetically pleasing and featured a bathtub. If I had stayed for multiple days of hiking, I definitely would have used it. 

Vintage-style bathroom with a pink bathtub, sink, and toilet, complete with white towels and a floral picture.
Deer Lake Room bathroom

I don’t know how warm the room gets during summer, but no AC is available.

It’s worth mentioning that I noticed a slight damp smell when I walked into my room, but it wasn’t so strong that I smelled it during my entire stay. I really only noticed it upon entering.


The inn has two 2-bedroom suites with private bathrooms and kitchenettes.

The amenities are similar, but the Appleton Pass Suite has the edge between the two because it features a dining area and is wheelchair accessible.

The Flapjack Camp Suite also has a place where guests can eat, but it’s more of a bar table with stools. That being said, it’s lovely! I’d stay in this suite in a heartbeat.


I’ve always wanted a reason to book the inn’s 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom Olympic Guesthouse. I didn’t get a chance to peek into it, but the photos online are inviting.

The guesthouse has a large kitchen, full-sized appliances, and a dishwasher. 

It also has a dining room, a living room, two bathrooms, and AC.

These features make the guesthouse a fantastic and economical choice for families or small groups who plan to eat in.

Note that it is the closest unit to the highway. 

Tent Sites

It was too cold for camping during my stay, so I didn’t see any tent sites in use. 

But given the beauty of the surrounding landscape, this would be an excellent place to camp for those who want mountain and forest views and the convenience of staying at an inn.

All tent sites feature a picnic table, two Adirondack chairs, a Solo Stove fire pit, access to water, restrooms, and a shower. 

Firewood is available for purchase.

NOTE: The inn is one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Port Angeles. Up to two dogs can camp at your tent site!


I did not interact with anyone in person during my stay, even when checking in.

I got a text prompting me to fill out their registration form before receiving the code for the door lock to my room. Filling out the form on my phone was quick and easy. 

All of the inn’s communication happened via text, but I was given a phone number to call or text with any questions, even during an after-hours emergency.

Because my stay was short, I did not need to use their housekeeping service.

Chicken roaming a gravel area with a park-like setting and picnic tables in the background.
Chickens grazed the grounds the morning I left.

Top 5 Amenities at Emerald Valley Inn

The inn offers five noteworthy amenities. 

1. Free WiFi

I watched a show on Max on my iPhone during my stay, and it streamed perfectly without interruption. The inn wasn’t fully booked, so I can’t say the WiFi would be as strong during peak season.

2. Quick access to Olympic National Park

One could make a strong case that the park is the inn’s greatest amenity. I drove only 12 minutes to the Moments in Time Trailhead, close to the Marymere Falls Trailhead.

Moss-covered trees dominate this lush forest scene, with ferns carpeting the ground, invoking the serene ambiance of Olympic National Park.
Moss on the trees glows in early March. (Moments in Time Trail)

3. Farm Animals

The inn’s on-site farm, or mini-zoo as they call it, is their quirkiest amenity!

On my way to use the restroom while dining at Granny’s Cafe, I stopped to look through a split rail fence and saw a goat staring back at me.

A goat peers out from its enclosure, nestled within a rustic farm setting as dusk approaches.
One of three on-site goats

I peeked into the window of a warmly lit shed and saw a small chicken resting on a heating lamp.

While dining here in years past, I’ve seen their emus, but I didn’t see them on this trip.

4. Granny’s Cafe

Granny’s Cafe is the inn’s on-site restaurant. It closes for part of the winter, so I was glad it was open during my stay. 

The restaurant is open from 11 am to 7pm, Thursday through Monday. It is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

View from outside a warmly lit café, the window's large red lettering spelling "Granny's Café," with an employee inside tidying up.
Granny’s Cafe at closing time

For dinner, I ordered their Seven Lakes Grilled Chicken Burger with blackberry BBQ sauce, goat cheese, caramelized onions, and other toppings.

The young woman who served me was friendly and helpful.

The chicken was tender; I could tell it was not previously frozen. The brioche bun was soft and fresh. I asked for a gluten-free bun, but the restaurant only offers a lettuce wrap. 

The chicken burger was delicious and just the right balance of cheese, sauce, and onions, although I wouldn’t have minded a tad more onions. 

The side salad I ordered was satisfying. All of the produce was crisp and fresh. 

Cozy café interior with vintage décor, including a guitar on the wall and an old-fashioned wood stove, with patrons seated at tables.
The vibe is warm and inviting.

Had it been earlier in the day, I would have been tempted to order a slice of their renowned homemade pie.

The ambiance here is perfect. The nick-nacks, signage, and decor all feel like a grandmother’s kitchen and home. 

It’s warm, comfortable, inviting, and the service is sweet.

5. Free & Convenient Parking

My parking spot was just in front of the door to my room, making it very easy to unload and load my belongings.

Many Emerald Valley Inn reviews mention its serene setting against a backdrop of forested hills.
Free parking is just outside your door.

Wrap-Up: Emerald Valley Inn Reviews

Would I stay here again? The answer is yes! Especially after a day in Port Angeles before adventuring around Lake Crescent. 

I highly recommend that you book a stay at Emerald Valley Inn when visiting the park’s northern attractions. The inn’s proximity to these destinations is its greatest advantage.

This spot is for you if you’re looking for unique accommodations that capture the magic of the Olympic Peninsula.